Where are YOU on International Disability Day’2016?? ………Facts, Failures and Future


My friend Sai Padma reminisces about what the International Day of People with Disability means in India today.

Sai Padma


Let us work together for the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in an inclusive and sustainable world that embraces humanity in all its diversity.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Today is International disability day. Another year has come and passing on for disability sector, every December we wait for something, we anticipate and pray for certain things, we have the audacity to think that things will change towards inclusion. We hope that this year will be the end of discrimination and abuse. We are tiresomely happy sometimes, that though you are burned, somewhere something is happening for better. Some years we cringe and cry helplessly, that years together activists who have worked and made petition after petition, works day and night, their work goes down the drain on a Disability Day… then we take a fall, dust off our insults, gather the energy of rights and take another…

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